Victorian Bluestone

Premium Quality, Functional, Durable & High Aesthetic Value

Bluestone’s distinctive tone and minimalist aesthetic beauty connects new places with heritage and presents opportunities to embed meaning in materiality. Victorian bluestone has many beneficial attributes that make it a classic choice to enhance a project, place or space. It is a widely used, versatile and well-loved Australian material found on the streets and pathways of capital cities around the country and currently a government mandated product in Victoria. Bluestone is an applicable solution to many design challenges and will ensure a project withstands the test of time.


Bluestone, also known as Basalt, is volcanic stone that has developed its density and texture over millions of years. It is a hard and enduring natural stone, which adjusts well to the environment and resists extreme weather conditions.


Bluestone’s various attributes all contribute to its enviable longevity. It has been used for centuries to shape places and landscapes, and has proven to be a very reliable, long-lasting stone. The fact that our bluestone is local makes it even more well-adapted to our climate.

Slip Resistance

Bluestone has one of the highest possible non-slip ratings when compared with other popular tiling materials such as concrete. This makes it highly OH&S compliant and is one of the key reasons it has been widely government mandated.

Quality & Style

A natural material, bluestone has a distinctive tone and texture that offers timeless appeal. Victorian Bluestone Quarries (VBQ) works closely with clients to custom cut stone to their exacting specifications. Renowned for quality products and friendly and reliable service, people count on VBQ to deliver materials that elevate projects with prestige and even landmark status.

Local & Sustainable

VBQ takes an environmentally conscious mindset to supply chain, processing and operations and is committed to continually improving its approach to sustainability. We source all bluestone from our local quarry and cut it to exacting specifications at our nearby facility, minimising product waste, mileage and lead times. Offcuts are used as crazy pavers and cobblestones. We are committed to innovative production and lean processing techniques to reduce and repurpose waste.



We are able to custom cut to a large variety of shapes and sizes. Standard thicknesses are 20mm, 30mm and 40mm, however we are flexible. Please contact us with your requirements. Our stonemasons have produced a vast variety of shapes and sizes and can work to your unique specs.

We produce the following finishes:

  • Diamond sawn
  • Honed
  • Sandblasted/grit blasted
  • Bush hammered
  • Shot blasted

VBQ’s bluestone is quarried in Victoria, and a traditional Victorian stone synonymous with many iconic places in the State.

Our product is sustainably sourced and processed premium bluestone (basalt) which has no secondary minerals. This makes it extremely durable compared to inferior quality bluestones on the market.

Choosing a local supplier gives you flexibility and transparency – you can visit our factory and speak to us directly to discuss your requirements. We’d love to meet you!

We are able to supply a variety of granites and sandstone. Please contact us to explore the options.

As we cut and process all stone in our factory, custom orders have relatively short lead times. The length of lead times is dependent on the production schedule at the time of ordering. Please contact us for an accurate lead time for your order.

We are Victorian bluestone specialists renowned for our friendly and reliable premium stonemasonry service. Contact us now for an obligation-free chat about your project needs.