Technical Specifications

Slip resistance:

  • R10 Honed; R13 Sandblasted; R13 Diamond Sawn
  • Mean British Pendulum Number 57
  • Slip Resistance classification of V
  • A classification of V (BPN >57) means that the contribution of the surface to the risk of slipping when wet is very low. Making our bluestone suitable for high traffic areas such as shopping centres, airports and train stations.

Water Absorption:

  • By weight 1.83%
  • By volume 4.55%
  • The mean water absorption of the bluestone was 1.83% by weight, which is below the maximum of 2.5% often specified for basalt that is used as veneer cladding.

Flexural Strength:

  • Dry 14.5 MPa
  • Wet 14.0 MPa
  • The flexural strength of the bluestone is above the typical minimum specification requirement of 11 MPa.

Index of Abrasion resistance:

  • Index of Abrasion resistance = 41
  • The index classifies the bluestone as a having a high abrasion resistance and is suitable for all uses. This is typical of other stone tested, slate is 7-22, marble 6-26 and granite 40-240.


The physical properties determined in our testing indicate that the Lara Victorian bluestone has properties comparable with most other well known basalts currently being marketed as dimension stone in Australia and would be considered to comply with the specification requirements for use as paving or cladding.

The Lara Bluestone is a meduim to course grained olivine basalt comprising predominatly of plagioclase (40%), augite (15%), and olivine (12%).

The test show that our Lara basalt (bluestone) is comparable with all other commercial basalts currently in production around Victoria/Australia.

According to AS/NZS 4586:1999 and HB197:1999 the sawn/honed bluestone receives a slip resistance classification of V and British Pendulum Number (B.P.N)57. The standards state that the risk of slipping when wet is very low.

Please contact our office for complete test results and technical specifications.