Bluestone (also referred to as basalt) is a common feature throughout the Australian landscape and has become a fixture of city streets and architecture. Offering impressive slip and scratch resistance, Victorian Bluestone is the ideal choice for residential and commercial use. With both indoor and outdoor use, Bluestone’s hard wearing and sophisticated nature makes it a natural choice for commercial, retail and civil projects.

Victorian Bluestone offers you the freedom to transform natural stone for just about every application you can imagine. Transcending design trends, its rich colour, lifelong strength and attractive texture and appearance add to its timeless appeal. Bluestone’s versatility can be applied to create pavers, tiles, feature walls, wall cladding, water features, capping stones (for use on kerbs or around swimming pools) and numerous other uses, which are subject to your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

The beauty of choosing bluestone for your next project lies in the uniqueness of each individual piece. No two pieces are the same and this lends a character and distinctiveness that is not easily attainable in other products.

Landscape Design

In setting a landscape design look no further than Victorian Bluestone. In pavers, sawn or honed, bluestone will provide a non-intrusive canvas for you to build upon. Its’ understated beauty is essential in setting the base of a creative landscape design. From minimalists landscape designs to something more adventurous, the flexibility of bluestone is subject to your imagination!

Victorian Bluestone Quarries works closely with landscape architects/designers to achieve the desired design. From the planning stage through to design and maintainance stages, we can assist in all aspects of your projects.

Our involvement varies from the creation of a public park to site planning for office buildings and the landscape design of residential gardens.

Victorian Bluestone Quarries provides a valuable contribution at the earliest stage of a project by generating ideas and providing flair and creativity.
For the planning of large-scale projects we offer design ideas and guarantee the long-term viability of our Victorian Bluestone. We can ensure continuity of supply and consistency of colour and texture of bluestone sourced from our three quarry sites.


With both indoor and outdoor use, bluestone paving holds timeless appeal and lifelong strength as well as the versatility to transform it to suit your paving requirements. Bluestone paving offers impressive slip and scratch resistance making it the ideal choice for residential, corporate and civil paving work. Bluestone paving is available in a range of finishes including diamond sawn, honed, polished or sand blasted. All paving is made to order which guarantees flexibility in our product range. In pavers, bluestone will provide a non-intrusive canvas for you to create your landscaping dream.

Natural Stone

When choosing natural stone for your next project you are selecting a product created over millions of years. Unique in character and texture, no two pieces will be the same. Natural stone will add a distinctive touch to your project that can not be reproduced. Natural stone not only is attractive to look at, but years of development in the earth’s surface ensure the utmost strength and durability. As a lifelong product, your landscape will become a timeless work of art with the use of Victorian Bluestone.

Product Range


Clients may order from our extensive product range or have items manufactured to their specifications.


Paving and tiles are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Edging / Steps

Purchased by the linear metre both straight & radial lengths available


Purchased by the linear metre both straight & radial lengths available

Gutterstone / Channel

Purchased by the linear metre both straight & radial lengths available

Random Off-Cuts

Purchased by the square metre